Getting serious about cyber attacks?

NY Times:

Russia Looms Large Before Senate Hearing on Hacking

  • President-elect Donald J. Trump has continued to express doubts about Russia’s interference in the U.S. election, placing him at odds with intelligence agencies and members of his own party.
  • A committee, headed by Senator John McCain, will convene on Thursday for a hearing on “foreign cyberthreats.”
There have been some serious cyber attacks during the last eight years, but the one allegedly happening during the election was not among them.  The OPM attack was deadly serious and has serious implications for national security but crickets make more noise than the Obama administration made over that attack  The same goes for the hacking of the White Hosue in 2014 which was also downplayed by Obama and the media.

I suspect the main reason Trump is at odds with intelligence agencies is that they mischaracterized the alleged hacking of DNC emails and Podesta emails into a bogus claim that the election itself had been hacked.  It looked like an attempt to delegitimize Trump's victory and he is not the kind of guy to blindly accept such charges.

The emails that were revealed showed a corruption of the democratic process orchestrated by the DNC and the Clinton campaign.  There is no indication that what was revealed was untrue.

The Times, itself, was willing to publish Trump's tax return that was illegally obtained.  Would they have refrained from publishing it if it had been obtained through a cyber attack?  I am not sure.

While we are on the subject of cyber attacks,  Do you really think that Hillary Clinton's emails used on her unsecured server were not hacked?  Experts seem to think they probably were by multiple foreign intelligence agencies, yet, the Times and others were willing to support her despite her obvious mishandling of classified material that would have gotten most people indicted.

The US needs to develop a stronger defense to cyber attacks and a strong counter attack strategy too.  That should be the main thrust of this hearing and not the whining about the leak of truthful information about the Democrats.


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