Following the script on Islamic terror attacks in US?

NY Times:

Airport Gunman’s Motive Unclear, Officials Say

The authorities have interviewed 175 people in a sprawling investigation into Esteban Santiago, who is accused of killing five people at the Fort Lauderdale airport.
Never mind that he told the FBI that ISIL wanted him to kill people.  Never mind that he has been wearing Arab garb and showing terrorist tendencies.  These stories are as predictable as the ludicrous attempts to classify the fort Hood shooter as engaging in "workplace violence."

BTW, his MO was very similar to that of the guy who killed dozens in a gay bar in Florida.  Aim for the head and shoot people who were already down.

While I can understand waiting for definitive statements by the authorities, that is no excuse for ignoring facts that are already in evidence.

The FBI has said that the shooter flew to that airport in a targeted assault.


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