Democrats will have a rough time if they disrespect President Trump

Washington Post:
Trump-Lewis feud could be a harbinger of a new round of hyper-partisanship

The incident in which the congressman from Georgia claimed that the president-elect is not “legitimate” and Trump responded by saying that the civil rights icon is “all talk” has left Democrats and Republicans bracing themselves for yet another showdown between a president and his political opponents.
Democrats have more to lose in these confrontations than Trump.  They are a minority party that needs to work with the President to get anything done on their agenda.

They would be wise to see how the business community is handling their dealings with Trump.  While many of these executives did not support Trump they have met with him and found him engaging and willing to work with them to improve the US economy and jobs.

Here is an interesting discussion of the issue on CNN.

Anyone who challenges the legitimacy of his election is unlikely to get anything done.  Period.


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