Arrests made in big terror investigation in Belgium

Daily Mail:

Three people are arrested as Belgian anti-terror police launch huge raid on the same street in 'Europe's jihadi capital' Molenbeek where Paris attacks mastermind Salah Abdeslam lived
  • The district of Brussels is known to be rife with ISIS sympathisers
  • Salah Abdeslam was found there after masterminding the Paris attacks
  • Perpetrators of the 2004 Madrid bombings and an attack in Belgium lived there 
  • One of the raids is believed to have been carried out on the street where Abdeslam was arrested 
The infrastructure of Islamic terror are deeply embedded in parts of Europe and police and intelligence operations are having to struggle to catch up to it and prevent future mass murder for Allah attack.   Islamic religious bigots are at war with the West whether its leaders want to recognize that are not.


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