Anti-Israel left in academia does not take defeat well

Legal Insurrection, one of my favorite websites, must have hit a nerve when it mocked the abject defeat of the pro-terror caucus at the annual convention of the Modern Language Association. Long story short, a tiny group of terror-sympathizers had organized a scheme to put a much larger association, the MLA, on record in support of BDS, this would be Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions imposed on Israel as opposed to the wider known and more popular Bondage, Dominance, and Sadomasochism.

Part of Legal Insurrection’s take-down was a video by a participant of the vote that shows the vote and the pathetic anguish of pathetic and useless people over losing a pathetic and useless vote.

Well, Hell hath no fury like a progressive terror-ally mocked.
The YouTube video is now back up.  The takedown was based on a dubious claim that theMLA had a copyright on what was said at a public meeting.  Copyright lawyers seem to be pretty clear that no such claim is valid.

Legal Insurrection is a great site that exposes how the left tries to suppress speech in the academic setting, and this action by the MLA is more evidence to prove their point.


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