Anti-energy left pushing anti fracking agenda in Texas now

A group supported by four Texas energy producers is striking back at out-of-state environmentalist groups, arguing that the organizations have been hiding their extreme policy goals behind mild rhetoric.

The environmental groups, one of which had temporary success in passing a fracking ban in Denton in 2014, are hiding anti-oil and gas views behind temperate phrases such as “best practices” and “local control,” argues North Texans for Natural Gas in a report published Tuesday.

The group takes aim in particular at the local activities of Earthworks, the Sierra Club, and Environment Texas, all of which are supported by national organizations backed by institutional donors.

In 2014, Denton – with funding provided by Earthworks – passed an anti-fracking measure that was overruled the following year by the state Legislature, which clarified that the state and not local authorities had control over mineral rights.

That has prompted environmental groups to change their tactics, North Texans for Natural Gas says. Instead of fighting a frontal battle for drilling and fracking bans, the groups are pushing for more moderate-sounding policies.

“Earthworks’ emphasis on ‘better enforcement’ and ‘model regulations’ belies an agenda that is actually aimed at stopping oil and natural gas development,” the report argues. “In recent years, the group has taken a decidedly more aggressive tone against fracking, both in Texas and nationwide.”
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The agenda they are pushing is the same one that Russia has been pushing in order to stifle competition in oil and gas production.  These groups have become Putin's useful idiots.  They are OPEC's best friends in the US.  Their anti-energy agenda is harmful to the economy and hurts the poor the most by driving up the cost of energy.


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