Another inefficient energy program fails quickly

Daily Mail:
An £18million tidal energy scheme, which was supposed to power 600 homes, has stopped working after just three months.

The taxpayer-funded DeltaStream project in Pembrokeshire in Wales, was designed to use the flow of the ocean with a 39ft turbine installed on the seabed near Ramsey Island.

But the system developed a fault and stopped generating electricity just weeks after being turned on.

Its operator Tidal Energy Ltd has now gone into administration and is seeking a buyer.

The £18million 'wet elephant' received £8million funding of EU money and £500,000 from the Welsh Government.

The generator was fitted with a sonar radar to detect nearby wildlife including seals, porpoises and dolphins and would shut off if they came to close.

But the sonar developed an 'intermittent fault' in March 2016 - after being launched the previous December.
The amount of money wasted on chasing inefficient energy is enormous in both Europe and the US. They would have been much better off permitting fracking to be used to recover natural gas.  That would have actually been profitable and would not be plagued by intermittent energy.


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