Tiny groups gets a lot more media attention than they deserve

NY Times:

Alt-Right Makeover Shrouds Swastikas but Not the Message

A movement of many factions is trying to change its image now that its profile has risen, but its message — one of racial separation and supremacy — is unchanged.
For a group I never heard of before  they seem to get a lot of attention.  From reading the mainstream media you would think they have a following that could do more than fill a hotel ballroom.  The first I heard of them was when the head of Breitbart went to work for the Trump campaign.  But even that was strange because I have been reading Breitbart stories for years and do not recall anything about them.  They certainly were not in the mainstream of conservative thought leaders.

I did come across some of their tweets during the primary campaign season, but just wrote them off as kooks.  I have not changed my opinion.  I just do not think they have much of a following.  I think they had little to do with Trump's success in appealing to working class voters that provided his margin of victory.  Pretending that they do will only boost their ego.


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