The media still does not get the Trump voter

Salena Zito:
Trump supporters were mercilessly vilified and ridiculed throughout this entire campaign. They were called racists, bigots, uneducated, hilljacks with serious women issues and likely living in a trailer on the government’s dime.

And most of them have no idea what the press is talking about when they reference the “alt-right” other than the imagery that makes it appear as though everyone who supported Trump likely has a Nazi flag in their basement and holds secret fascist meetings every other Tuesday.

And so journalists flew in from the coasts and lectured them instead of conversing with them, their reporting dripping with condescension. This applied to Trump, too: Pundits, academics and journalists pointed to his supposed intellectual deficiencies.

But now the shoe’s on the other foot. Trump obviously knew what he was doing; he won. And his voters could’ve explained it to reporters who had an honest interest in understanding the Trump phenomenon.

The press, in other words, turned out to be the painfully uninformed one.
The media is making itself less relevant as it continues to misinterpret the Trump voter and Trump's appeal to them.  With their attempt to apply the same string of insults to some of his appointments to cabinet positions, the media only further alienates the non-liberal voters.   The attacks on Sen. Session are typical of the thinking of the left when they meet someone who disagrees with their approach to the issues.


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