The CIA has a record of being hostile to Republican Presidents

NY Times:

Michael Flynn Is Harsh Judge of C.I.A.’s Role

Mr. Flynn’s view that the C.I.A. is a political arm of the Obama administration isn’t widely shared in Washington but seems to have been internalized by Donald J. Trump.
Flynn has good reason to be suspicious of the CIA leadership.  During the Bush administration, they were constantly leaking material to undermine the President and his war effort.  Perhaps these were just shots over the bow to keep the administration from coming down on the CIA for the bungled intelligence on Iraq and its WMD.  Even though Bush was very supportive of the CIA he still would have reason to question their loyalty.

In the case of the recent statements about the Russian involvement in the election the premise of their "high confidence" finding contained a major error.  They claimed that the Russians hacked the RNC but did not disclose what they found, they only disclosed what they got from the DNC Democrats.  Both the RNC and the FBI have made it clear that there was no hack of the RNC data.

For some reason, the NY Times has failed to disclose this discrepancy of fact and logic.  To the extent that Republican operatives were hacked, apparently, their emails were too boring to generate any excitement when disclosed.

Because they are pushing a premise based on a flawed statement of the facts, there is good reason to question their motives.


  1. The 'establishment' is infested with lay-abouts, no-accounts, liars and common thieves and is in contradiction to any common-sense ideas as such ideas would mean their expulsion from the cushy lifestyle enjoyed by them.


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