Republicans had better defenses against Russian hacks

Wall Street Journal:
Republican National Committee Security Foiled Russian Hackers

Investigation calls it a less aggressive and much less persistent effort than the hacks of the Democratic National Committee
I suspect that their attempts were like a prob to see how vulnerable they were, and when they could not get through they looked for a more productive area to play in.   Think of it like a team trying to run an off-tackle play against Jadavian Clowney of the Houston Texans.  After being stopped in their tracks or thrown for a loss they look for another area to exploit.

There is something strange about eh White House argument on the Russian hacks.  When the Russians hacked the White House in 2014, Obama suppressed the news as much as possible until after the election.

This could have been because he did not want to highlight the obvious failure of his administration's cyber attack defenses.  That could have been another reason why he did not say much about the attacks during this election and is only using them now in an attempt to discredit Trump's victory which had little to do with the hacks anyway.

There is more on Obama's indifference to the attacks here.  Ironically, when of the first things the Russians released was the Democrat opposition research on Trump.


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