Pipeline protests are about as smart as a rock, standing or sitting

NY Times:

The anti-energy left, which wants to keep fossil fuel it is not using to attend protests, in the ground  is just using these people to run up the cost of the safest form of transporting fossil fuels.

I live in Texas where pipelines are pretty common.  There is one across the road from my property and I cross others just going to town.  The people who own and operate these pipelines have an interest in seeing that they do not lose the product they are transporting or cause a situation where they would have to clean up a mess at great expense.

The protestors would lower everyone's standard of living  and transportation options.  The protest appears to have attracted a lot of people who don't understand the consequences of their protests.
‘The world is watching’: Voices from Standing Rock

Native Americans and military veterans. Environmentalists and police. Cattle ranchers and lumberjacks. College students and nurses. All have been drawn to a desolate North Dakota prairie, site of an oil pipeline that has become a powerful symbol of heritage and history, progress and oppression, indigenous rights and corporate might.
I question their intelligence and their motives.  How many of those people walked to the protest from their home?  How many of them have rubber soles on their shoes?  Returning to the 18th-century mode of transportation, heating, and cooling homes or dealing with inefficient alternatives makes no sense.  There are no viable alternatives to the petrochemical business that creates plastics, fertilizer, and other products.

The state is trying to prevent the protesters from freezing to death.  I hope they use fossil fuels to keep them warm.


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