Perry is Trump's nominee for Energy Secretary

CBS News:
Donald Trump has selected Rick Perry to be energy secretary, according to two sources directly involved in the transition and selection process.

He had been summoned to Trump Tower for a meeting Monday to discuss the position after having been contacted over the weekend. The meeting was only finalized on Sunday.

The other contenders for the position were Sen. Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia, and Ray Washburne, a key Trump fundraiser, former RNC finance chair, restaurateur and investor in oil and gas operations.

The former Texas governor sits on two corporate boards - one of them is Energy Transfer Partners - and that may present a confirmation issue. Energy Transfer Partners has a subsidiary known as Dakota Access LLC, which is attempting to build the Dakota Access Pipeline. That Dakota Access Pipeline has been the subject of public protests over its potential environmental impact and damage to Native American lands.

Recently, the Obama administration blocked the Dakota Access Pipeline easement through Lake Oahe, a move that jeopardized the 1,172-mile underground pipeline. The incoming Trump administration has said it will review the decision.

Mr. Trump once invested in Energy Transfer Partners and supports completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline. He told Fox News Sunday‎ that he would intervene if the matter is not resolved before he is inaugurated.
I think Perry can do an excellent job in this position.  He has a record as governor of Texas in creating thousands of energy-related jobs and I think Trump would like to see the same thing throughout the US.

The Dakota Pipeline is a mess created by the anti-energy left in a bad faith move to run up the cost of energy transportation.

The pipeline does not go through land of the Indians who are protesting although it does go through the land of other tribes who have embraced the project.  The fact that the pipeline crosses waterways is irrelevant.  Pipelines cross waterways all over the country and rarely create any damage to the water supply.


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