Oh poor baby--Union thug calls Trump a liar and worries at response

NY Times:

‘Cyberbullying’ of Union Leader on Twitter Draws Fire

Mr. Trump’s Twitter attacks on a leader of a blue-collar union local have raised concerns about how the president-elect will behave after he takes office.
Democrats seem to think that their name calling should be immune from response.  It is also obvious that many of them do not know the definition of lying.  What this guy was trying to do was denigrate the effort to save jobs at the plant, and whine because all of them were not saved.  One of the reasons that som many jobs are leaving the rust belt is because unions have made their members non-competitive with other workers in this country and elsewhere.

Trump is also signaling that critics of his efforts will not get a free ride on their insulting attacks.  One of the things that disappointed a lot of Bush supporters was his refusal to stand up to the bullying of Democrats who attacked him.

If this guy had been respectful, and just said that he was disappointed that more jobs were not saved, it is unlikely he would have provoked the response he did from Trump.  That also might have garnered him some empathy.

The Washington Post is trying to twist the response into an attack on labor.  I think that is inconsistent with the facts.
Trump era confronts organized labor with gravest crisis in decades

Donald Trump wooed union voters with promises of better trade deals and a manufacturing revival. Now, after the president-elect’s Twitter attack on a union official and his choice of a labor secretary who has been skeptical about raising the minimum wage, the labor movement’s rattled leaders face potential setbacks.
I suspect that this guy was not the first person to face Trump's ire during the course of his career.  But the buildings got built and the jobs were created for union laborers.


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