It is time to make government schools compete for students and dollars

NY Times:

How Trump’s Education Nominee Bent Detroit to Her Will on Charter Schools

Betsy DeVos pushed back on any regulation of Detroit’s troubled school system. Will she bring that free-market approach to America’s public schools?
If generous funding were the answer to education excellence the schools in DC should be among the best in the world rather than the worst in the country.  It is time to make government schools compete with the private sector to see who can provide the best education at the best price.

That is how competition works.  The current system has rewarded incompetence and mismanagement on a grand scale and kids in poor neighborhoods are one of its victims.  The parents of those kids should have a choice.

The teachers' unions are ripping off both the taxpayers and the students.  Their donations to Democrats are part of their corrupt bargain with a political party that prevents effective measures from being taken to weed out the bad teachers, while paying them more than they are worth.


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