Democrats likely to stick with their base

David Drucker:
Democrats' conundrum: Retrieve Trump Dems or cater to base

One faction of insiders and strategists argue that the party has taken the white working class for granted, and needs to prioritize outreach to what had been a traditional Democratic constituency that has drifted right as leaders and activists increasingly catered to the non-white voters who have become the bedrock of the liberal base.

A competing wing is dismissing calls to shift away from identity politics. This group contends that the Democrats' strong relationship with ascendant demographics, such as the LGBTQ community, Hispanics, Asians and other non-whites, is not the problem, and gives the party a long-term advantage over the Republicans.
I think they are going to do the GOP a favor and stick with their current focus and continue to shed white working class voters.

Salena Zito notes:

What is astounding, post-election, is the total lack of contrition Democrats have displayed for ignoring the workingman and -woman bloc that has been the party’s horn of plenty. The only regret they display is that they lost the election, not the voters.

What Democrats, academics and pundits keep refusing to see is that the loss was never about Trump’s candidacy; it was all about how Democrats have increasingly lost touch with their voters outside of coastal America — until those voters finally hit their breaking point.
Her story begins with a black worker marveling at the fact that his job has been saved by Trump.


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