Chicoms steal underwater US drone

Fox News:
A Chinese Navy ship stole an American underwater research drone in a South China Sea area contested by the Chinese and the Philippines, two U.S. defense officials told Fox News on Friday.

The incident occurred around noon Thursday local time approximately 40 miles west of the Philippines and about 150 miles from Scarborough Shoal. For days, the Chinese ship had been shadowing the American ship USNS Bowditch, which deployed the drone.
Fox News was told the underwater drone was used to map the sea floor and other oceanographic data. According to the USNS Bowditch ship's website, the ship is used to "support worldwide oceanography programs, including performing acoustical, biological, physical and geophysical surveys."

The drone was worth roughly $150,000.

After the Chinese vessel plucked the drone out of the water, the American research ship's crew tried to call the Chinese ship over bridge-to-bridge radio, but to no avail.
So, the Chicoms are drone thieves?   It something else Tramp will have to deal with them about, since it is unlikely that Obama will do anything about it.


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