CNN media guy says Hillary lost because media was 'too balanced' in its reporting?

Following Donald Trump becoming the president-elect in a stunning upset, CNN’s Brian Stelter was desperate to find a reason for Hillary Clinton’s loss on Sunday’s “Reliable Sources.” He went so far as to wonder if the media was being too balanced during the election. The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway, winner of the Media Research Center's 2015 Noel Sheppard Award, seemingly fed up with Stelter’s antics chided, “I guess what maybe you need to realize is that for a lot of people who don't share your political opinions that's what it [felt] like…the last eight years.”

Hemingway’s rebut of Stelter came towards the end of a fairly long segment were the CNN host was trying to figure out where the media went wrong during the election. “Because I believe there were a lot of journalists, most journalists, who were fearful of a Trump presidency who were engaging in wishful thinking believing he couldn't be elected,” he first asked Hemingway.

She identified the media’s bias as more than just “wishful thinking” as Stelter put it, they were actively betting and advocating for her, “They clearly and overtly and even told us they wanted Hillary to win and they gambled everything -- including their credibility, on defeating Donald Trump and electing Hillary Clinton and they lost.” Stelter played coy and questioned her on who she was talking about.

“No body with eyes or ears could have any question what so ever in the media felt about Donald Trump, what they felt about his voters,” she stated as she called the media out on their games, “So you had people in our newsrooms, in our major national media telling us things we knew were not true.”

The Federalist editor went on to scold the media for bullying people with different political opinions than theirs:
So, to talk about how unliked these candidates are, when we ourselves are loathed and detested for what we're doing and for how we bully people… They're deciding to quadruple down on everything they got wrong, disparaging people they don't understand, don't even seek to understand and continuing to avoid dealing with the fundamentals of this race, what people were motivated by, they're not even interested in it.
The panel seemed momentarily stunned by Hemingway’s candor, but before long Stelter was showing off his bullying side.
The media was largely out touch during the campaign and this segment suggests that much of the media is still out of touch.  To suggest that Trump won because the media was "too balanced" is truly delusional.  In fact, the media was so unbalanced that it lost its objectivity and then lost its credibility.


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