The Libya migration is Clinton and Obama's fault

George Will says the US is not directly responsible for the Syrian migration, although the point is arguable since it happened as a result of a failure of leadership.  But his point about Libya is valid.
The really dangerous trip is across the Mediterranean to Italy from Libya. Aug 27, two boats carrying 500 people from Libya sank. In April, 800 people drowned trying to get from Libya.

What happened to Libya? That is our fault. We went in to a country that posed no conceivable threat to the U.S., and in an eight month protracted assassination attempt decaptitated their government, creating the failed state that we see there that is producing all this.
This is Hillary Clinton's fiasco from beginning to end and was aided and abetted by President Obama.


  1. Only a madman would give a terrorist nation like Iran 100 billion dollars.


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