The drinking man's biofuel

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Edinburgh Napier University has filed a patent for the product, which can be used in ordinary cars without any special adaptions, scientists said.

The biofuel has been developed over two years by the university's Biofuel Research Centre.

As part of the research the centre was provided with samples of whisky distilling by-products from Diageo's Glenkinchie Distillery in Tranent, East Lothian.

The biofuel uses the two main by-products from the whisky production process - ''pot ale'', the liquid from the copper stills, and ''draff'', the spent grains, as the basis to produce the butanol that can then be used as fuel.

The university now plans to create a ''spin-out'' company to take the new fuel to the marketplace.


''The new biofuel is made from biological material which has been already generated. Theoretically it could be used entirely on its own but you would have to find a company to distribute it.

''The most likely form of distribution of the biofuel would be a blend of perhaps 5 per cent or 10 per cent of the biofuel with petrol or diesel but 5 per cent or 10 per cent means less oil which would make a big, big difference.

''This is a more environmentally sustainable option and potentially offers new revenue on the back of one Scotland's biggest industries.

I think there are some willing to drink to this suggestion. It has the added benefit of not driving up the price of tortillas the way corn ethanol does.
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