Obama's skewed priorities--cut missile defense $1.4 billion, fund ACORN up to $8 billion

Doug Ross has the details, but the headline says a lot about what Obama's priorities are. The defense cuts in the middle of a war while he is throwing lavish spending at non productive members of the society like ACORN tells where his liberal heart lies.

We should be increasing defense spending and not cutting it. To cut missile defense the day after the Norks launch a test rocket seems completely oblivious to the real threats to this country.

Sarah Palin also expressed her concern about the North Korean missile test and the potential impact on Alaska of losing its missile defense base.


Governor Palin stressed the importance of Fort Greely and the need for continued funding for the Missile Defense Agency. The governor is firmly against U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ proposed $1.4 billion reduction of the Missile Defense Agency. Greely’s isolated location in Alaska as well as its strategic location in the Pacific allows for maximum security and development of the country’s only ground-based missile defense complex.

“Our early opposition to reduced funding for the Missile Defense Agency is proving to be well-founded during this turbulent time,” Governor Palin said. “I continue to support the development and implementation of a defensive missile shield based in Alaska. We are strategically placed to defend the critical assets of the United States and our allies in the Pacific Theater.”


On missile defense she makes much more sense than Obama, who gave a misleading speech to the Czech's suggesting he was committed to the program he would cut a day later.


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