Energy is the issue

Washington Post:

Four-dollar-a-gallon gas has done something that few Republicans thought possible just a few months ago: given them hope.

United behind a renewed push for offshore oil drilling, Republican members of Congress and the party's presumptive presidential nominee, Sen. John McCain, think they have found their best political issue of the 2008 campaign.

McCain strategists and GOP leaders on Capitol Hill say the issue, which polls suggest Americans favor by healthy margins, lets Republicans demonstrate their plans to address the anger over high gas prices as well as the broader economic distress that many voters feel.

Because most Democrats, including Sen. Barack Obama, are opposed to increased drilling, McCain and the GOP have already begun casting their rivals as unconcerned about gas prices and unwilling to wean the country from foreign oil.


"Apparently, hundreds of thousands of gallons of spilled oil, dead fish and oil-covered birds aren't ideal conditions for peddling a misguided plan for more offshore drilling," said Cathy Duvall, the national political director of the Sierra Club. "Unfortunately, the risk for such spills -- and far worse -- would only increase if John McCain and George Bush get their way and allow Big Oil to begin the 'exploitation' of our coasts."


Energy hate speech by the Sierra Club has lost its appeal at $4 a gallon. People are no longer intimidated by the demagogues of the environmental movement. When was the last time you saw "hundreds of thousands of gallons of spilled oil, dead fish and oil-covered birds." They haven't had one of their highlight films in years.

People are beginning to realized the anti energy demagogues have no alternative energy. They hate oil, gas coal, nuclear, shale oil, wind and in some cases even solar. They just flat do not like energy in any form unless it is to get them to a protest march. The Democrats have embraced their radical agenda and it is driving up the cost of energy to the point it is lowering our standard of living and these guys want the price to go even higher.

With the Democrats putting the wackos ahead of everyone standard of living they deserve to lose.


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