Brits develop Mad Max Taliban chase vehicle

The Daily Mail reports on the new vehicle:

The new 4x4 vehicles, described by one serving officer as 'like a Land Rover on steroids' with a gun platform bristling with weapons.

It will be also be fast for a four tonne vehicle, with a potential top speed of 80mph.

The new machines are technically known as MWMIKs (Mobility Weapon Mounted Installation Kit) but are known as Wimiks by the troops who use them.


It has a range of firepower, including a .50 calibre machine gun or an automatic grenade launcher and a general purpose machine gun.

It carries up to three soldiers with their individual weapons, and can operate on a variety of terrains, including off road.

The first of 130 of the British built and designed weapons has just started production in Plymouth and will be delivered early next year.


Click on the photo above for a larger image and there are more images at the story link. It appears to be missing something called armor. It looks like its crew would be vulnerable to small arms and RPG fire. I like its weapon systems and its mobility, but crew safety does not appear to have been a consideration, much less a priority. Am I missing something or is this vehicle missing something?


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