Brits lose another al Qaeda suspect after turning him loose with "control order"

Daily Mail:

A suspected Al Qaeda recruiting sergeant is on the loose in Britain after becoming the seventh control order suspect to abscond.

The Iraqi asylum seeker, a follower of dead Al Qaeda warlord Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, vanished from his home on Monday.

His disappearance leaves the policy of using control orders to monitor terror suspects in tatters. A minister admitted that the orders cannot prevent "determined" suspects escaping.

The missing man is alleged to have been part of a six-man recruitment team sent to Britain by Al Qaeda in Iraq to enlist volunteers to join attacks on British and U.S. troops serving there.

He managed to gain a foothold here by claiming to be fleeing persecution in Iraq.

His admission to Britain is likely to reignite debate about the way the asylum system is abused by terror suspects. Around a quarter of those arrested under anti-terror laws are would-be refugees.

The fanatic, who was wearing an electronic tag and under a 14-hour curfew when he fled, has not been traced despite a huge manhunt.

Although other control order suspects have been named and pictured, his identity is being kept secret on police advice.


That should make him even harder to find if the pubic does not know his name or his photo. This is all part of the problem that the UK has with a "human rights" treaty with the EU and judges who would rather release terrorist than hold them or deport them. It is a good way to get a lot of Brits killed. Do the judges and politicians in the UK have any idea how foolish they look?

Update: The Belmont Club discusses the Rubber Band "chains." It is another example of the difficulty of the lawfare model in dealing with terrorism.


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