The Zionism equals racism scam

Alex Grobman's Nations United, How the United Nations Undermines Israel and the West, looks at the history of this remarkable fraud and how the UN came to vote on it.

It is a story of how the Soviet Union used Israel as a pawn in its war with the west, beginning with its initial backing of the Jewish state when the area was still part of the British mandate. That backing included allowing Czechoslovakia to supply military equipment to the Jews who reestablished Israel as a state.

Later the success of Israel contrasted with the lack of success of its client Arab states that purchased weapons from the Soviets in great quantity caused the Soviets to switch sides and it was they who first pushed the Zionism as racism trope. The allegation was ridiculous on its face, but that did not stop the UN from adopting a resolution saying that.

Thus from the successors to the fraudulent Elders of Zion, came the sequel in the form of a UN resolution condemning a state that they had helped reestablish itself.

The Arabs were all over the resolution and angry at the US for saying it was an infamous act and a lie. The Saudi ambassador to the UN was indignant about the Balfour agreement that recognized an Israeli homeland and President Truman's backing of Israel and he was not too happy about God either.


As to the Jewish claims that God gave them Palestine because they are "exclusive," he wondered "since when is God in the real estate business...? Show us the title deed. And since when did He give M. Balfour and Mr. Truman powers-of-attorney to transfer land that does not belong to them? ... I don't think that any of the Zionist have direct or indirect communication with God Almighty.

It probably never occurred to him to ask the same question about the Palestinian claim on the land. The competing parties for the land both saw the other as squatters. If one were relying on real estate law, both would now claim their title through adverse possession, if they ignored the deed set forth in the Bible. Since the Israelis are now in possession under that doctrine it is theirs.

Other slanders followed including the one embraced by Jimmy Carter that the Israelis had created an apartheid society. This is in the face of the Palestinians who do not want any Jews living in their neighborhood at all, and States like Saudi Arabia that want even let Jews enter the country much less have houses of worship. In the Middle East the apartheid is practiced by the Muslim religious bigots in several Arab countries.

Alex Grobman has compiled an interesting read in a relatively short volume. If he does a sequel, I would like to see more information about how the UN has been responsible for creating dependency by the Palestinians that has robbed them of any enterprise of value and left them with their most significant product being human ordinance sending their young people out to explode next to Jews.

The Palestinians are in desperate need of "welfare reform" that would get them off the charity dole and put them to work creating something of value. Right now the UN and the NGO's are subsidizing terrorism, and they are doing no favor for the Palestinians.


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