Time Magazine explains how the election was rigged

 Clarice Feldman:

Emerald Robinson tweets: 


The corporate media: "People who say there was a shadow campaign to rig the 2020 election are conspiracy theorists!"

Time Magazine: "Read our story on the shadow campaign to rig the 2020 election!"

She’s referring to the most astonishing story of the week, Molly Ball’s article in Time: ”The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that saved the 2020 election,” a sordid tale of how Big Tech, BLM, organized labor and big business, particularly the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, colluded to defeat Donald J. Trump’s reelection. 

The participants justified their behavior as “saving democracy.” Was this a  “modified limited hangout” in the old Watergate sense? An effort to undo the public perception that the election was illegally stolen with an alternative that there was an unsavory but legitimate perception  management by powerful people and institutions to defeat the man who had captured the angst of the middle class and worked to improve their lives? Or were members of the cabal playing neener neener on the voters they bested to further dispirit them and keep them from tipping over the chessboard they set up to wipe out the pawns? All these theories have merit, but I think  these powerful people -- or most of them -- have been coopted by China and Biden is the perfect puppet to carry the sellout to China and to defeat Trump’s moves to strengthen America and improve the lot of working Americans and their communities.

The Cabal

You must read the Time article to get the full flavor of the brazen admissions of what was done. Here’s a brief summary of the most significant of them, devoid of the leftist spackle of the author. Business, the AFL-CIO, and Black Lives Matter worked together to change voting systems and laws, to get hundreds of millions of dollars to make voting less secure and worked with social media to keep the Biden message upfront, the Trump message buried and the country terrified of widespread violence if the president won re-election. (4.6 percent of people who voted for Biden said in a poll that they would not have done so, had the information about Hunter Biden’s corruption not been scotched by the media.)

The participants see themselves as the protectors of democracy and want their story told, the author explains. Initial moves were coordinated by Mike Podhorzer, senior adviser to Richard Trumka, president of the AFl-CIO. He saw in the  COVID-19  reaction an opportunity to bypass normal, more secure election procedures, and working with Planned Parenthood, Indivisible, and Move On, “progressive data geeks and strategists, representatives of donors and foundations, state-level grassroots organizers, Working Families Party, racial-justice activists and others, to manipulate the election procedures. In time, they persuaded Congress to steer COVID relief funds  for election administration, a feat aided by the Leadership Conference of Civil and Human Rights. When the $400 million grant proved insufficient for their means, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative dropped into their hands another $300 million, which the National Vote at Home Institute used to advise secretaries of state on the new, insecure voting procedures. (Chan is the wife of Mark Zuckerberg -- Facebook’s chairman, CEO and controlling shareholder).

Having altered the rules, the next step was taken by the Voter Participation Center, which sent out ballot applications to 15 million people “in key states” and urged people not to “wait until election day.” ”In the end, nearly half the electorate cast ballots by mail in 2020, practically a revolution in how people vote.”

But rigging election procedures was only a part of the cabal’s work. They also worked at pressuring media platforms to remove content or accounts which in their view “spread disinformation.” Among those pressured to silence opposition views were Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. 

Huge efforts were undertaken to persuade voters that the final results would not be known on election night until 70% of the public was made to believe that Biden won, including media election analysts. 

All this was insufficient to swing the election to the most unqualified candidates -- Biden and Harris. And yet that was insufficient to their ends. Following on the absurd media coverage of George Floyd’s death from a drug overdose and poor health while in police custody, Black Lives Matter was ginned up and the word was out that there would be even more riots if “Trump interferes with the election” (that is, if he won). A coalition tagged “Protect the Results” included "Women’s March, Sierra Club, Color of Change and Democratic Socialists of America.” This while the legacy media was calling the riots “mostly peaceful,” people watched their communities being burnt down and shops looted, and mayors of cities like New York, Portland, and Seattle took no steps to punish those involved. 

A week before the election, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, whose Chief Executive Thomas Donohue resigned days after the Time article was published, approached Podhorzer. They were concerned about threats of riots if Trump were elected, and joined with Trumka, the heads of the National Association for Evangelicals and the North African American Clergy  to “trust in our system,” in effect pre-judging any challenge to the rigged election. 


There is more.

It was rigged right down to canceling anyone who alleges that it was rigged.  "Shut up" was the post-election rallying cry of the riggers.  It will be up to the Red States to fight back against the rigging and to return election safeguards including voting in person with ID's.  Do not allow mail-in ballot scams.


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