Media tries to defend Biden's weak performance in debate

 Kyle Smith:

So on the night Joe Biden lied about saying he had never supported banning fracking, scoffed at the gargantuan cost of the Green New Deal he basically supports and then closed up with the four-alarm news that he means to shut down the United States oil industry “because the oil industry pollutes” what did the media have to say about his disastrous performance?

MSNBC: Hey, let’s talk about the child separation crisis from two years ago! Like that’s what Americans are talking about in October of 2020.

CNN: Racism!

As usual, whenever President Trump performs well, the media went into a combination of panic and misdirection. Brian Williams kicked off MSNBC’s post-debate coverage grousing about, among other things, how “We heard about how they spied on his campaign, erroneously.” Oh, Trump’s campaign flunky Carter Page wasn’t spied on via FISA warrants that were obtained under false pretenses, concealing the fact that Page was working for the CIA, not the Russians? Good job, Brian, try reading the paper some time.

“The president’s words seemed to harken back to the escalator in many ways,” Williams said, which is meant to scare us, I guess. He then said Trump owed his colleague, moderator Kristen Welker, “an apology” (for what, he didn’t say), offered that “if there was a clear winner tonight, it was Kristen Welker” and tossed to Rachel Maddow, who agreed and heaped more praise on Kristen Welker. Never let us forget the story is all about you guys, you talking heads on TV.

Along with Joy Reid and Nicolle Wallace, Maddow steered the conversation to fake outrage about something almost no one thinks is a big issue anymore, the child-separation crisis at the border two years ago. Maddow and Wallace actually encouraged each other to fake-cry about their memories of this, because they were on a mission to talk about anything but the valid points Trump brought up. Joy Reid: “I looked into the eyes of these little kids who didn’t know who we were . . . the fear and the terrors and the drawings in the places where they slept.” Well, as Trump put it, “Who built the cages, Joe?” The answer is, of course, the Obama Administration.

Over on CNN, Obama consigliere David Axelrod, flustered, tried his desperation move: for the umpteenth time he tried to tie Trump to the white supremacist movement that the president has denounced over and over again. “Three weeks ago we were talking about him refusing to condemn the Proud Boys . . . this has been part of the president’s political project . . . and that has been a problem for him!” No, it’s a myth created and promoted by CNN.

Axe was also angry that Trump was “Talking about how the blue states are doing badly on coronavirus which is patently untrue.” Um, that is about the truest thing anyone has ever said. Of the first 210,000 deaths from coronavirus, only 33,000 were in red states. Death rates are 40 percent higher in blue states than in red states. Axelrod and everyone else in the media want to blame Trump for what happened in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

There is more.

The current media appears to be made up of people who are totally clueless when it comes to Trump supporters.  They are also clueless as to the facts when they do not support their preferred narrative.  How could they not know the stats on the blue state poor performance in the handling of Covid?


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