Democrats obsess about Russia while they cozy up to bigger threat in China

Kenneth Mak:
Russia has always been a nuisance, and probably always will be.
It is the biggest country in the world geographically. Many of the world’s greatest novels (War & Peace, Crime & Punishment), greatest composers (Tchaikovsky), high arts (ballet), and scientific achievements (Sputnik) come from Russia. It's a nation with much to be proud of, but it has never accepted into the Oxford and Harvard clubs (much like Donald Trump), and it never will be.
Russia has always been at pains to win respect on the world stage, even in its post-Soviet era. When it can't, the huge nation acts out, like the guy at the frat party who, because the cool kids can’t be bothered with him, turns to mischief by pouring some vile fluid into the punch bowl or instigates a cowardly cyberattack.
Valid or not, everyone knows Russia is no superpower. It is no economic force. Although Russia does have nuclear weapons, what Russia seeks is influence and prestige, not a kamikaze mission.  
Russia’s population is a mere 140 million compared to, say, China’s, which is 1.4 billion.
What is the liberal media's and Democratic Party’s obsession with Russia, and not China, all about then? Very likely to take the heat off China, and its far-too accommodating relationship with China.
Yet the two nations, stacked up against each other, couldn't be more different.
Vladimir Putin, leader of Russia, is a more-or-less dictator, and so-called Russian democracy is a thin veneer for a ruling oligarchic cartel masquerading as a nation; however, Xi Jinping is an unequivocal dictator, and China is an unequivocal authoritarian state; there is not even a pretense to democracy in China.
So, is Russia just an outrage smokescreen to obfuscate the veritable menace of China?
Every American with common sense understands some basic things about this year. March seems long ago now, given all the news, but we have not forgotten about the devastation the coronavirus has brought upon our nation: That's the work of China. China’s malfeasance in diminishing the threat of the Wuhan coronavirus has caused the deaths of more than 100,000 Americans.
While Donald Trump was restricting flights from China to save American lives, the Democrats and Joe Biden were urging Americans to have lunch in Chinatown and screaming “hysterical xenophobia.” Anyone with a brain knows that the best way to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in our country is to prevent those who are infected from entering our borders.
But Democrats have long had a soft spot for China.
Let’s assume that Russia did offer bounties for killing American troops in Afghanistan. That is horrible and will be dealt with accordingly. Certainly our covert operatives repay any injury against Americans to Russia in kind.
However, the front page coverage and urgency of these reports shouldn’t fool any common-sense American. Blowing Russia up to being the main threat to America, instead of China serves to distract Americans from the first truth that the Democrats not only covered up for China, but parroted their propaganda. Chinese propaganda began with denouncing any bid to focus on China’s cover-up of the pandemic as racist speech.
It should also be noted that US casualties in Afghanistan are few.   American troops are more likely to be killed in car accidents in the US than by the Taliban in Afghanistan.


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