Democrats real gripe about Trump is not his behavior, but his policies that are working

'Trump's behaviour is what founders feared'
Trump is not the first President to "behave" differently.  Andrew Jackson and Harry Truman had their moments too.  What really frightens Democrats is that he is overturning liberal policies and replacing them with ones that work much better and if he is allowed to do that a second term, Democrats fear they may never win another election with their agenda. 

There is nothing in his behavior that meets the standards set in the Constitution for impeachment.  Certainly asking for help in investigating corruption should never be the basis for impeachment because it would lead to politicians eagerly engaging in corruption with foreign governments.  It appears to be something the Biden family did on a broad scale.  There is little difference between selling your office and allowing your family to do it in an influence-peddling operation.

The current Democrat impeachment effort gives immunity to the perps and punishes a President for wanting to investigate the corruption.


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