The Democrat coup attempt is not a 'fact based' impeachment, it is the opposite

Washington Post: 

Fact-based impeachment can’t penetrate the pro-Trump Web

The president’s supporters flocked to online sites where they built their own version of events. The echo chambers that take hold on social media reach beyond the effects of media coverage partial to the president.
This comes from a paper that was a co-conspirator in the Russian collusion hoax and has never apologized for its participation in that hoax.  It seems to be dominated by people who sit around bitching about the President and his policies and then trying to twist the public into agreeing with their opinions.

The fact is that they have gone from being one of the premier papers in the country to a hatefest against the President.  They have been colluding with the DNC, the FBI, and DOJ in pushing a false narrative for around three years now.  Is it any wonder that the President's supporters look elsewhere for news they can trust?

Here are some examples of media lies about the dossier and the lack of corrections.


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