Impeachment is about trying to reverse a populist revolution that is working

Steve Hilton:
From the beginning, it was obvious that for the Democrats, impeachment is partisan politics dressed up as principle. Nancy Pelosi told us that herself the day she kicked off the process.

"What's more serious is that he [President Trump] can't win," Pelosi said.

But last week, another aspect was revealed, and it shows us what the stakes are in this fight. Day after day on Capitol Hill, we saw a parade of bureaucrats stepping out of the shadows to attack President Trump. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, "Trump Wars: The System Strikes Back."
The idea that career civil servants are high-minded, politically neutral oracles of wisdom is a joke. They think Trump is deplorable. They think you're deplorable, and they think any challenge to their globalist establishment ideology is deplorable.

From day one, the career civil servants have knocked, blocked and plotted against this president. This week, they went after EU Amb. Gordon Sondland because he was reportedly rude to the Europeans over trade.

Mike Pompeo's former aide bleated about "the utilization of ambassadors overseas to advance a domestic political objective." Yes, that's how it's supposed to work. The elected politicians are supposed to be in charge, not the unaccountable bureaucrats.
What is clear is that the Democrats really hate not only him, but those of us who support him.  They hate his success in growing the economy and lifting millions out of dependency.


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