Democrats pretend to be worried about the Kurds

Washington Post:
Pelosi leads surprise delegation to Jordan for ‘vital discussions’ on Syria crisis

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit highlighted her sharp disagreement with President Trump over policy in the Middle East following the president's abrupt removal of U.S. troops from northern Syria and Turkey’s subsequent attacks on Kurds.
Democrats could care less about the Kurds as anything other than a vehicle to bash Trump.  What they should be focused on is the rogue leader of Turkey.  Erdogan is an Islamist despot who sided with ISIS when Obama was in the White House and his aggression is something that should be the subject of bipartisan cooperation instead of an excuse to attack the President for the irrational acts of Turkey.  She is out of her lane in trying to bypass the President.  It is more evidence that the Democrats are pushing a coup attempt.


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