Kamala Harris plummeting in polls in California andelsewhere

Monica Showalter:
Apparently, even leftists know a phony when they see one.

What else can be concluded from a new Emerson poll which reports that Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris's support has cratered in her home state of California, falling behind that of even eccentric businessman Andrew Yang.

It's not good news for the Democrat popularly known on Twitter as 'horizontal Harris'....

Why is that so bad?

Because, well, for starters, it's so low. Harris is trailing badly against rivals Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders for one. She's also pretty humiliatingly edged out now by Andrew Yang, a marginal candidate if there ever was one. Harris has six percent support among Democrats, six out of 100, three out of 50, or approximately just one out of 17 Democrats. Throw in the Republicans at a 1:1 ratio nationwide and she's got half that, about one out of 34. You'd need two classrooms full of kids or one school bus full of people to find just one Harris supporter in the bunch, to give the perspective.

And the cornerstone of the Democrats' entire electoral strategy stands on winning California, with its gargantuan cache of electoral votes in a winner-take-all set-up. Harris at the beginning of her campaign was touted as the big candidate in part for her supposed capacity to carry California.

Turns out she's being beaten handily by out of staters and this among Democrats alone.
There is more.

A focus on her record as a prosecutor revealed some conduct that appears unfair to the accused as well as keeping people in jail beyond their sentence to use them as chap firefighters.


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