Media has a history of embracing the Democrats' politics of fraud

Jack Hellner:
The playbook is always the same for major newspapers as they collude to elect Democrats for president.  It does not matter how good or bad the economy is; the Washington Post and New York Times will always support the Democrat running.  They always play the race card and sex card and say the Democrat will be better at running the country and the economy.
The last time NYT endorsed a Republican was Eisenhower in 1956.  The Washington Post started endorsing people for president in 1976 and has never endorsed a Republican.  It did not endorse anyone in 1988.
Only one significant newspaper (from Las Vegas) endorsed Trump in 2016.  Think how they all supported Hillary even though they knew how corrupt she was.  Not one of those newspapers cared about all the women Bill and Hillary physically, mentally abused and sought to destroy as they pretend to care about abused women.
The track record of major newspaper presidential endorsements is found here.
In 1980, the economy was in the tank, and they endorsed Carter for re-election.
In 1984, Reagan had started turning the economy around and they endorsed Mondale.
In 1988, the economy was on a good run, but they would not endorse Bush.
In 1992, Bill Clinton ran on a series of bald-faced lies on the economy and the media endorsed him.  He said the economy was the worst in fifty years and that the tax cuts only helped the wealthy.  Does that sound familiar?
The fact is, Reagan inherited a disaster of very high inflation, high interest rates, and an economy in a severe recession.  He and Bush turned it around with tax cuts and a focus on the private sector.  Clinton inherited an economy that had real growth of 4.38% in 1992.  We essentially had 18 years of almost continuous growth, with a minor blip in 1991.
We are seeing the same pattern today.  The media pushed the Russian collusion hoax and when that became unviable the switched to pushing bogus charges of racism against the President.  Both allegations were dishonest and they knew or should have known they were false all along.   They just hate Republicans and want to see the evils of liberalism imposed on the country.


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