Manufacturers moving production out of China while China is labeling goods as made in Vietnam

Home Depot’s suppliers are trying to head off some of the increased costs from rising tariffs by moving at least some of their production out of China, executives told investors Tuesday.

“I’m not aware of a single supplier who was not moving some form of manufacturing outside of China,” said Ted Decker, executive vice president of merchandising. “So we have suppliers moving production to Taiwan, to Vietnam, to Thailand, Indonesia and even back into the United States.”

CEO Craig Menear said the tariffs on Chinese goods are projected to have a “cost impact” on U.S. sales of about 2%, or $2 billion. With suppliers moving at least some of their manufacturing outside of China, that reduces that impact by roughly one percentage point, executives said.
Meanwhile, USA Today says:
Vietnam says that China is mislabeling products as Vietnamese to avoid U.S. tariffs
Mislabeling products is a form of consumer fraud and those doing so should be prosecuted.  It does demonstrate how desperate some Chinese manufacturers have become at the failure of the regime to make a deal with Trump.


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