Austin politicians make the same mistake West Coast liberals make with homelessness

Washington Post:

Should people have a right to sleep on city streets? Austin is joining the national battle over urban homelessness.

A new city rule allows people to sleep in public, but some residents are revolting over homeless encampments.
It is a rather revolting development that could lead to unsanitary conditions and disease.  In the past Austin has been a clean city, but it is hard to be clean when people are camping on the side of the road. 

That they would allow this condition when the evidence from the West Coast is that it is a disaster is remarkable. 

To stop this they should tax the campers the way they tax homeowners and renters.  That would mean they would likely leave the city to camp somewhere else.  If they were pitching their tents in a state park they would have to pay a fee.  That would be a good starting point for them doing the same in a city.


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