US, Britain and Israel help Iranian nuclear scientist escape

Daily Mail:
British spies smuggled an Iranian nuclear scientist to the UK across the English Channel on a dinghy after using the migrant crisis as cover, it has been claimed.

The 47-year-old man is thought to have hidden among other Iranians on an inflatable boat when making the crossing.

The scientist travelled by 3,000 miles by land to the French coast near Calais after he was reportedly smuggled out of his homeland and into neighbouring Turkey by the Israeli secret service Mossad.

The Iranian scientist, who has information about Iran's nuclear programme and reportedly helped plan the 2012 assassination of Tehran's top nuclear expert Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, arrived in Lydd, Kent, with 12 other migrants on New Year's Eve.

It is thought that MI6, which was involved in a joint operation with Mossad and America's CIA, decided on the unusual method of 'extraction' because they did not want Tehran to find out about British involvement because Britain is still a signatory to a nuclear deal with Iran.
MI6 interviewed the nuclear technician on Iran's nuclear plans before he was flown to America.
I suspect the scientist can confirm the real stage of Iranian development of nuclear weapons and also disclose others associated with the program.  This is another huge operation for Israel's Mossad and for Western intelligence agencies.  Trump was right to get out of Obama's naive and bad deal with Iran.


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