Democrats conflicted on dealing with sex and race issues in Virginia

NY Times:

Justin Fairfax Puts Virginia Democrats in Bind on Impeachment

If Democrats do not oust Mr. Fairfax, who faces sexual assault allegations, they could anger female voters. But if they push him out, they could deeply trouble African-Americans.
They should do the right thing and let the chips fall where they may.  They find themselves in this dilemma because they are also apparently reluctant to remove the Governor and the AG for their past racist conduct.  The right thing to do would be to remove all three, but that might lead to a Republican becoming Governor which they apparently see as an even bigger crisis.  Were the top three officials Republicans, the Democrats would have no reluctance at all to call for all to go.  They should not let identity politics be the determining factor on an issue of what is right and wrong.

The irony of this dilemma is that it grew out of an aborted abortion law bill which deeply troubled conservatives because it appeared to approve of infanticide.  When the Governor defended the bill it angered someone who was familiar with his med school yearbook page which had a racist photo.  When that triggered calls for the Governor's resignation it also caused scrutiny of his potential successors and that led to the surfacing of past allegations of sexual impropriety by Fairfax and later by an admission by the AG that he too had engaged in blackface costuming as a college student.

The cascading effect has been interesting to watch, but it is still amazing that Democrats are not upset at all about a law that would allow the killing of a baby in the birth canal. 


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