Debbie Wasserman Schultz election looks like it could have been rigged

Rick Moran:
Why didn't DoJ prosecute FL election official for destroying ballots in 2016?
DWS's opponent in the primary challenged the results but the notorious Brenda Snipes is alleged to have illegally destroyed all of the paper ballots.

Big League Politics reported, "On May 11, 2018, the Florida Circuit Court granted Plaintiff Canova summary judgment, and found that Snipes had violated numerous state and federal statutes, including laws punishable as felonies with up to five years in prison. The Court’s ruling made clear that Snipes’ destruction of ballots was illegal on several separate counts.”

It doesn't matter if the destruction of the ballots were intentional or not. But both the county and the feds refused to prosecute. Why?

Assistant United States Attorney for the US Attorney's Office is none other than Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's brother, Steven. And Canova found out from the local district attorney, who was considering prosecuting Snipes, who was involved in the decision not to prosecute Snipes:
I’ve been told it was Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy AG, along with his assistant Steven Wasserman no doubt, who stopped a Federal investigation into Broward’s illegal destruction of all ballots cast in our 2016 primary against Debbie What’sHerRig Schultz.
Finding missing ballots in Broward County is a real Snipes hunt.  It also appears there were people with a conflict of interest involved in the decision not to prosecute.


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