Australia's 'Green New Deal' has been an unmitigated disaster

Stop These Things:
Everything about Australia’s renewable energy calamity was perfectly predictable and perfectly avoidable. Throwing $60,000,000,000 in subsidies at chaotically intermittent wind and solar was a pretty good start. Placing lunatics in charge of the entire operation sealed the deal.

Australia’s Eastern Grid (covering QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, ACT & SA) is on the brink of collapse; under threat every time the temperature rises (and with it demand for electricity), the wind drops and the sun drops over the horizon.

South Australia, its wind and solar capital, pays the highest power prices in the world.

Victoria, with its own ludicrous 50% renewable energy target, is catching up fast. It’s also coming to experience the mass blackouts and load shedding that wind ‘powered’ South Australians are renowned for: Worthless Wind Power: Australia’s RE Debacle Deepens With 200,000 Victorian Households Left Powerless During Heatwave

At times, Liberal MP, Craig Kelly sounds like the only politician in this country with his head screwed on. Craig is one of a handful who actually understand the causes and consequences of Australia’s energy crisis. Making him rarer still, Craig has the temerity to tackle, head-on, the cabal of well-healed renewable energy rent seekers – profiting from the greatest government mandated scam in Australian history – and to go to toe-to-toe with the RE zealots he merrily infuriates.
In the country down under Liberals are the conservative party.  The climate change crowd down there continues to double down on the failed of alternative energy projects and reject more efficient fossil fuels.  While they talk about the inconvenience of 200,000 homes without power ion a heat wave, it should also be pointed out that manufacturing facilities also had to close down resulting in lost productivity and wages.  It will only get worse the more they rely on inefficient alternative energy.


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