Before he allegedly lied Flynn had broken no laws

Legal Insurrection:

Mueller Claims Flynn Gave “First-Hand” Details About Trump Transition Team’s Contact With Russian Officials — But What Part of That is Illegal?

Democrats mad-dog attacks on the Trump campaign and allusions to Russian collusions led several figures including Flynn to engage in "defensive" lying when the truth would have served them better.

When I prepared witnesses to testify I always made the point that the truth was a lot easier to explain than a lie.  Flynn evidently did not get that advice and the bogus charges of violating the Logan Act probably spooked him.  Papadopoulos was also spooked by the mad-dogging.  Cohen, who should have known better was trying to minimize the attempts to get an agreement to build a skyscraper in Moscow, which was perfectly legal.  Donald Trump, Jr. avoided that trap by disclosing the efforts accurately.  None of their underlying activities disclosed so far normally prosecuted.


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