Ballot harvesting has allowed California to become the 'perfect dictatorship' within the US

Monica Showalter:
The ballot-harvesting issue, which gave Democrats an absolute monopoly of power in even Orange County, signals a sort of the bottom dropping out in California. Now that Democrats have discovered they can flip any race based on selective collections of mail-in ballots by Democratic door-knockers from voters who didn't ask for them, their one-party state of the past 20 years in California has gotten even more entrenched in power. One gets the sense that the landscape has changed and what the voters want no longer matters. Voting is no longer about you, or what you think or the decisions you make, it's now all about that unasked-for piece of paper on the kitchen table known as a ballot and how Democrats can get their hands on it. You are incidental.

The creepy Democratic machine, with its 1980s PRI-style politics, rigged this state this way, and in so doing would make Hugo Chávez or Daniel Ortega envious. PRI Mexico was, after all, once called "the perfect dictatorship." Now the title has moved on to California.

It amounts to stolen democracy, which ultimately cries out for revolution. As Lenin before 1917 used to say, what is to be done?
To get a fair election in California will require doing away with ballot harvesting, stop registering illegal immigrants under the Motor Voter law, and doing away with the "jungle primary" which results in a choice of liberals in most of the state.


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