Judge blocks Keystone XL for nonsensical reason

Washington Post:
Federal judge blocks Keystone XL pipeline, dealing a major blow to Trump

President Trump had scorned the Obama administration for failing to move ahead with the 1,200-mile project. But a judge in Montana said the Trump administration ignored crucial issues of climate change to further the president’s goal of letting the pipeline be built.
This is a ridiculous ruling by a court.  By blocking a pipeline, it will only mean that alternative means of transporting the oil to market will be used and in most cases, the alternatives are inferior to pipelines when it comes to safely delivering the oil to the market.  In other words, the judges ruling will make potential climate damage more likely.  It will also be more costly. 

It is a ruling being pushed by the anti-energy left with its ridiculous keep it in the ground nonsense.

It is a deliberate attempt to make energy less affordable in hopes that people will switch to significantly less efficient alternative energy which does little to avoid "climate change" anyway.


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