What a strange example of Twitter banning decision

NY Times:

The Struggle Over What Warrants a Ban on Twitter

The social media company provided a rare look inside a policy meeting as it struggled with criticism that it left up posts from the conspiracy site Infowars and its creator, Alex Jones.
I have long been under the impression that Alex Jones says outrageous things to draw attention and therefore I do not follow him on Twitter or anywhere else. 

But it does seem weird for the Times to ignore their own elephant in the room when it comes to controversial Twitter statements by their new hire to their Editorial Board, whose tweets were prima facia examples of racism and hatred of males.  The hire suggests that anti-white racism and anti-male sexism is forgivable when it is pretty clear that racist statements about any other race of gender would not be forgivable. 

Jones has his schtick, but I think he is a pretty minor player when you consider the left wing hate that spews forth from Twitter.


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