Trump's trade strategy--Using tariffs to get to free trade

Washington Post:
Trump fires back at critics of his trade tactics, vows to continue use of tariffs

The president called those who oppose his trade strategy with China and other partners “fools” and said he would continue to use tariffs to force other countries to renegotiate trade deals with the U.S.
His strategy has been pretty apparent to me for some time and the main surprise to me is that his critics do not seem to comprehend Trump's end game.  The tariffs are just a means to that end, i.e. free trade that is reciprocal.  That is apparent in his negotiations with Europe.  He has already reached such deals with Japan and South Korea.  China will likely be a loser in a trade war with teh US because its practices have been so one-sided and unfair.  It needs to reach a mutually beneficial fair deal with the US for its own sake.

I am surprised that smart people like the Koch brothers do not get the end game aspects of the trade battles.  I am not that surprised that some in Congress do not get it.  The Trump hatred is too strong for some of them, although Chuck Schumer does seem to get it.


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