Trump Tower meeting was to get dirt on Clinton and Russian lawyer wanted to talk about adoptions

NY Times:

The Russia Meeting at Trump Tower Was To Discuss Adoption. Then It Wasn’t. How Accounts Have Shifted

The special counsel’s inquiry into the June 2016 meeting is no doubt complicated by the constantly changing explanations from nearly everyone involved.
It was always clear from the get go that there was an offer of dirt on Clinton.  What was actually offered was something of no political value.

What also seems clear is that the Russians were trying to supply dirt to both sides in the campaign and found that Hillary Clinton was a much more eager buyer and managed to get the FBI to buy into their scam. The Russians were much more successful with Fusion GPS and Steele than they were with Trump campaign officials.

The media seems to be willfully ignorant of the Clinton collusion effort which was much more successful.
If Trump meeting is illegal, then Clinton dossier is criminal too
Is the media really taking the position that if instead of having a meeting the Trump campaign would have hired someone like Fusion GPS who then hired Steele to attend the meeting and write up a dossier on the conversation everything would have been OK with them?   That is just nuts.


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