Trump popular with small business owners

Andrew Malcolm:
After 19 Months Of Trump, Small Businesses The Most Optimistic In 15 Years

This optimism is vitally important for the economy because these 28 million-plus small businesses employ more than half of the nation’s entire workforce (53 percent) and create two-thirds of all new jobs.

It’s yet another sign that Donald Trump, who proclaimed himself the Jobs President, is delivering on his oft-promised jobs growth platform from the 2016 campaign. The Heritage Foundation reported that nearly three million jobs have been filled since Trump’s inauguration, an average monthly growth of 191,000.
Democrats appear to have abandoned this segment of the population and ignored its contribution to job creation.  Every day I seem signs in front of these establishments saying "Now Hiring."   Some even say, "No experience required."  That is a significant indicator of a strong job market.


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