The Democrats history of obstruction of justice

Jack Hellner:
Every day, the media attack President Trump, in their collusion with the Democrats.

This week, they are claiming that Trump is obstructing justice because he tweeted that he wishes Attorney General Jeff Sessions would end the Robert Mueller special counsel investigation.

Yet if we want to talk about obstruction of justice, there's no better place to go than the Democrats themselves. One of the big Democrats, President Obama, said publicly that there was "not a smidgen" of evidence that Internal Revenue Service tax-exempt organization chief Lois Lerner, or other IRS employees, did anything wrong when they clearly targeted political opponents of Obama. In the aftermath, Obama's Justice Department dutifully didn't charge anyone.

Obama said he didn't think his would-be successor, Hillary Clinton, did anything real bad when she violated the nation's security laws. Obama's Justice Department dutifully did everything not to charge Hillary, her aides, or Obama himself, who all clearly violated these laws.

Obama obviously made sure that people who were guilty were not charged, yet where were the media in calling him out on obstruction?

It is absolutely clear that Mueller has no evidence on Trump that would be a violation of the law, so shouldn't the fishing expedition end? There is no obstruction if there is no underlying crime.

We are also hearing on a daily basis how Russia is trying to mislead the public on the upcoming election through social media and elsewhere. Isn't that what most of the media do every day? They intentionally are colluding with Democrats by pushing Democratic Party talking points in a misleading way to trash Trump and try to get other Democrats elected.
There is more showing the collusion between the Democrats and the media in an attempt to mislead the voters.  It is what they do and it is the reasons that their credibility is shrinking.


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