Republicans in Michigan nominated an outstanding candidate for the Senate

Lloyd Marcus:
White Republican Michigan Voters Chose a Black Guy

John James is a combat veteran endorsed by President Trump. But wait a minute. According to fake news media and Democrats, Trump hates blacks. That's another hate-generating evil lie promoted by the American left.

It is extremely exciting and refreshing to see a fellow black American in the political arena evoking traditional principles, which lead to real empowerment and success – not just for blacks, but for all Americans. America is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to go for it. And yet, evil leftists relentlessly seek to hide this truth from the masses, particularly minorities. Leftists want blacks believing that white America schemes 24-7 to keep blacks down and that blacks' only hope is to keep voting for Democrats. Disgusting.
He is running against a Democrat incumbent who is polling below 50 percent.  He has a real shot and deserves the support of the GOP.


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