No one wants to admit to hiring Stefan Halper to spy on Trump campaign

George Neumyer:
tefan Halper, the Cambridge University con man that the Obama administration hired to brush up against the Trump campaign, is not a household name, thanks to the Fake News media, which refuses to cover Spygate honestly. Had this fraud, who enriched himself for years at taxpayer expense (during the Obama administration he pulled down hundreds of thousands of dollars for phony-as-hell research projects at the Department of Defense), spied on a Democratic presidential candidate at the direction of a Republican administration, he would have reporters staked out in front of his house 24/7. As it is, the “Walrus,” as the Brits nicknamed him, can probably waddle around his “Virginia farm” (which was one of the places where he tried to entrap Carter Page) without any trouble from pesky journalists.

A few weeks ago, the media reported that the White House had ordered the FBI to disclose more information about Halper. Naturally, Justice Department officials are dragging their feet. So we still don’t know who hired Halper: Did John Brennan hire him? Or Peter Strzok? Did Brennan’s “working Langley group,” which had been meeting before the FBI investigation officially began in July 2016, discuss hiring Halper? Did Brennan’s gang get a recommendation from British intelligence to use Halper?

We know from existing press accounts that Halper, who ran a forum for British spies at Cambridge University, had ties to many, if not all, of the sorry players in this London-to-Langley farce. We also know from those accounts that Halper had been spying on Michael Flynn since 2014, around the time Flynn had left defense intelligence in the Obama administration and become persona non grata in the eyes of John Brennan for opposing his feeble approach to Islamic terrorism.

TAS has spoken to old colleagues of Halper and they describe him as “bumptious,” a “blowhard,” and an avaricious fraud who entered the Deep State through a door opened by his father-in-law at the CIA, Ray Cline. After Halper behaved foolishly during the 1980 Reagan campaign, he tried to get a job in the new administration. But initially he couldn’t; Reagan aides had sized him up as a jackass. Halper persisted and eventually nabbed a phony-baloney position in the State Department.

But say this for Halper: he knows how to wedge his finger into DC’s pies. The Walrus scented a final meal in the 2016 campaign. He assumed Hillary (whom he endorsed in press reports while simultaneously spying for the Obama administration against her opponent!) would win and reward him with a new gusher of Deep State cash.

Little did the Walrus realize that he would find himself exposed at the swamp’s bottom as Trump began to drain it. Less James Bond than a balloonish Johnny English, Halper has now outlived his usefulness, both to Langley and British intelligence.
It looks like Brennan and the Brit spies used Halper in an attempt to entrap Papadopoulos and Page.  He was more successful with the former than the latter, and it wound up taking an Aussie diplomat to get him compromised.  While Page has been characterized as less than brilliant, I don't think he is the fool that the anti-Trump characters thought he was. 

The reluctance to disclose those responsible for hiring Halper is part of a cover-up and I would not be surprised if the evidence leads back to Brennan.


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